Wildlife Sensory Exploration

Student scientists use senses to explore the natural world

Program Description

How do animals and people interact with the world around them? Through observation, touch, hearing, and seeing, students act like scientists, investigating their environment by using binoculars and hand lenses, observing how a snake uses its tongue to smell and create a touch board to explore different physical textures.

Students Will...

  • Using their sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch, investigate various things around them
  • Use scientific tools such as binoculars and hand lenses
  • Learn how snakes use their tongues
  • Create a touch board of textures

Grade Levels

Kindergarten - 3rd 

Location Options

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center or your campus

Pricing and Other Information

  • $200 for the first presentation
  • $150 for each subsequent presentation the same day

Program Length: 30-40 minutes per presentation

Max 35 students and 5 chaperones. Minimum of 3 chaperones required.

Policies, Booking, and Contact

Please see our Policies, Booking and Contact page to proceed.

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