Protecting critical habitat for birds and other wildlife.

"Why do birds matter?” is one of those questions like “What is love?” or “Why are we here?” or even “Is there a God?” Unanswerable, I think, by logic. One could cite facts like, birds eat lots of harmful insects, charm us at our feeders, or challenge us to learn their field marks, molts, and names both common and scientific. But perhaps the answer lies deeper. Since the beginning birds have lifted our eyes to the skies. They’ve shown us we’re not gravity’s slave, that flight is possible and limitless. It can hover and soar, dive and display, and take us from one end of the planet to the other in a single, impossible burst of energy and purpose. Inspiration is the gift birds have given us from the start. But now they give us a question as well. Like the canary in the mine, they hold the planet up to us like a mirror and ask: “Can you not see that if we pass away, soon you will as well?” That’s a good question, and since birds pose it, they matter a lot."

Wes Craven, Hollywood director



Want to make sure your birding observations count towards more than a sense of satisfaction?

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Priority Birds

Priority Birds

The birds whose habitat we protect.

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About our Resident Birds

About our Resident Birds

Learn about the non-releasable birds in our care

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Birds at Our Center

This list is not a comprehensive survey of all birds at Dogwood Canyon Audubon center; it includes birds that you may see or hear in different habitats and at different times of the year.

Learn more about our resident non-releasable birds and birds of conservation concern.

Resident Non-Releasable Birds


Starlings and Waxwings

Mockingbird & Thrushes

Wrens, Kinglets & Allies

Chickadees, Titmice & Allies

Jays & Crows

Woodpeckers & Allies

Old World Sparrows

Orioles & Finches


Blackbirds & Allies

Sparrows & Allies

Swifts, Hummingbirds & Swallows


Cardinals & Buntings

Cuckoos & Roadrunners

Pigeons & Doves




Water Birds

How you can help, right now