Priority Birds

The birds whose habitat we protect.
Photo: Sean Fitzgerald

Priority Birds

The birds whose habitat we protect.

These species are given priority owing to status as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need for Texas (as listed in TCAP) and/or Climate Threatened or Climate Endangered status based on the National Audubon's Climate Initiative work.

Golden-cheeked Warbler

Latin:  Setophaga chrysoparia

Illustration for Golden-cheeked Warbler

Painted Bunting

Latin:  Passerina ciris

Illustration for Painted Bunting

Summer Tanager

Latin:  Piranga rubra

Illustration for Summer Tanager

Red-shouldered Hawk

Latin:  Buteo lineatus

Illustration for Red-shouldered Hawk

Carolina Chickadee

Latin:  Poecile carolinensis

Illustration for Carolina Chickadee

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Latin:  Regulus satrapa

Illustration for Golden-crowned Kinglet

Brown Creeper

Latin:  Certhia americana

Illustration for Brown Creeper

Hermit Thrush

Latin:  Catharus guttatus

Illustration for Hermit Thrush

White-throated Sparrow

Latin:  Zonotrichia albicollis

Illustration for White-throated Sparrow

Broad-winged Hawk

Latin:  Buteo platypterus

Illustration for Broad-winged Hawk

Louisiana Waterthrush

Latin:  Parkesia motacilla

Illustration for Louisiana Waterthrush

White-eyed Vireo

Latin:  Vireo griseus

Illustration for White-eyed Vireo

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