Investigating Wildlife

Students learn about the animal kingdom and food web

Program Description

How do we distinguish a mammal from a bird or reptile? A dialogue-based program led by an Audubon educator that allows students to understand the arrangement of the animal kingdom and the food web.

Students Will...

  • Examine skulls, furs, feathers and touchable objects (e.g. bobcat fur, bird feathers, turtle shell, coyote skull, raccoon tracks, rabbit scat) to explore the differences between and to categorize Texas’ wild animals
  • Learn about the characteristics and adaptations of physical traits and behaviors that enable them to survive in their environment

Grade Levels

1st - 5th 

Location Options

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center or your campus

Pricing and Other Information

  • $250 for the first presentation
  • $150 for each subsequent presentation the same day

Program Length: 45-60 minutes per presentation

Max 35 students and 5 chaperones. Minimum of 3 chaperones required.

Policies, Booking, and Contact

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