Bird Adaptations

Students learn about adaptations by observing real feathers, nests, eggs and beaks

Program Description

Come “fly” the Central Flyway with us and learn about the fascinating world of birds in this engaging program. By observing real feathers, nests, eggs and beaks, students will learn about the adaptations that make birds unique and how those adaptations help them survive in their environment. Students will recognize the advantages of physical adaptations by creating their own bird using various craft and other materials. This program inspires students with ways they can actively help birds in their own communities.

Students Will...

  • Observe bird feathers, nests, eggs and beaks to learn about bird adaptations
  • Create their own bird using a variety of materials and discuss their adaptations

Grade Levels

2nd - 5th 

Location Options

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center or your campus

Pricing and Other Information

  • $300 for the first presentation
  • $175 for each subsequent presentation the same day

Program Length: 45-60 minutes per presentation

Max 35 students and 5 chaperones. Minimum of 3 chaperones required.

Policies, Booking, and Contact

Please see our Policies, Booking and Contact page to proceed.

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